Family photo captured by the talented photographer,  Shannon Roddy .

Family photo captured by the talented photographer, Shannon Roddy.

Everyone has a story. Let me tell yours.

I am a lifestyle photographer who blends intuition, warmth, curiosity, and good humor in my approach to visual storytelling, allowing images to truly convey the joy and honesty of connection.

Shooting with a camera since I was young, I have always been drawn to the craft of capturing life through images, most especially people. I picked up my camera with more purpose before becoming a parent and I could not be happier to make a living behind the lens now.  

My engaging yet unobtrusive style means that I can capture the essence of a family or individual in their natural surroundings, whether shooting in their home or exploring a local area or the backyard. A walk in the neighborhood, a pig pile in bed, cartwheels in the front yard, a newborn sleeping in a lap, playing tag along the beach, snuggles on the couch...these everyday moments are elevated to the extraordinary when we take the time to document them. 

I live in Teton Valley with my husband, two young boys and our faithful dog. I enjoy time with loved ones, exploring light, recreating outside, gardening, cozying up with a good read or podcast, taking family adventures in our tiny camper, and savoring a cup of coffee. 

I believe in family--in whatever that means for you. I want to tell your story so that you can share and enjoy these keepsakes with your family, friends and community for many years to come.

I primarily work in Teton Valley, Idaho, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, + the Pacific Northwest. I am available to travel worldwide.

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