Frequently Asked Questions

My goal is to capture your family’s unique story at this moment in time. My clients choose me because we create heartfelt images that illuminate their connection and love for each other. Please take a look at the FAQ’s below and please let me know if you have any more questions.

Who do you photograph?

While my website primarily shows families and individual portraits, I also work with small businesses, restaurants, and magazines. If you are interested in commercial or editorial work, please contact me here.

How do you define family?

Defining family is different for everyone and I welcome all configurations. A single parent with their child(ren), two parents with their child(ren), a person and their pet(s), a couple, or a group of friends... Whatever family means to you, I honor your definition.

Now that I’m booked, what happens next?

Once you are booked, I will send you further information about our time together. I encourage you to read the questions and answers below to learn a bit more about what to wear, how to prepare your home, what happens if things don’t go as planned... And, of course, I encourage you to reach out anytime with questions, thoughts, concerns and/or fun ideas!

What do we wear?!

Great question! First and foremost, be comfortable. This will translate in your photos. I usually recommend starting with you (mom or dad) and then basing everyone's outfit off of yours. Wear complimentary colors and tones and avoid matching.

Neutral tones are a great starting point (light blues, sage greens, creams, whites, or grays). You can always add a touch of color to the outfit with an accessory (i.e., hat, scarf, jewelry, wrap…). Remember, we want the focus to be on you and your connection, not a bright shirt that pulls attention away.

To keep the photos timeless, avoid logos or characters on clothing. Some patterns and/or stripes are okay but others can be very distracting. Check with me when you start considering outfit choices. Remember: you are making an investment in your photography. While you may want to buy new clothes, you don’t need to. In general, I find that my clients already have great choices in their closets.

Finally, be YOU! Don’t be afraid to express your own style. We can always take on/off a few accessories or layers. Clients will often text me their outfit choices ahead of time to make sure they work well together. I love this! 

When do sessions take place?

Our timeframe will be determined by whether your session will take place indoors or outdoors. If outdoors, I absolutely love the flattering and soft light at sunset or sunrise and I highly recommend booking those hours if it makes sense for you and/or your family (i.e., children’s bedtimes, moods, cooperation at that hour, your work schedule...). When indoors, I prefer to shoot in the morning when children are usually fresh and the window light is soft.

Having said all that, sometimes scheduling doesn’t work out perfectly. Happy kids and/or grownups are more important than ideal lighting. Let’s work together to figure out what works best for your family and the season, and go from there.

Please note that weekend dates incur an additional $75 fee.

What can we expect during the actual photo session?

Depending on if we’ll be indoors or outside, I typically spend the first 5-15 minutes without my camera getting to know the children. I usually ask them to give me a tour of the house and/or property and I watch for the best light to take photos.

Once the camera is out, I like to take the more posed, all-family shots at the very beginning when everyone is fresh and children tend to be their most cooperative. After that, I work off my mental shot list and follow the lead and energy of the children (young and old). I casually pull different family members in and out of a scene. We may take mini breaks to play or check out a collection of rocks or Pokemon cards.

While my photos tend to be more candid and less posed, I will provide direction. I may pull you into good light, ask you to snuggle up, play, look at me, etc.

Note for in-home sessions: While on the tour and looking for good light, I will open blinds/curtains, turn on/off lights, and may move furniture around. During the session, I may ask children to jump on a bed, if parents are okay with that. I will always take off my shoes at the door and may stand on furniture to capture a pose from different angles.

How do we schedule newborn sessions? What are lifestyle newborn sessions like?

For newborn sessions, I will pencil in your due date. Once your baby is born, contact me and we will schedule our shoot. For sleepy, cuddly, small baby photos I recommend scheduling within the first two weeks of birth. For more engaging, awake baby photos, I recommend doing so within the first 4-14 weeks post birth.

Lifestyle newborn sessions happen in your family’s home and focus less on posing the baby and more on the connection between baby and their parents and/or siblings. Of course, we will also focus on the detail shots like their tiny toes and their smallness in your arms. I recommend choosing neutral colors for photos and keeping baby’s clothes minimal: basic onesie, swaddles, blankets, diapered and/or birthday suit photos. I do not provide any props or clothing.

We always schedule for the time of day when you think your baby will feel most settled, which is typically in the morning. I like to keep our time relaxed and I always build in plenty of time for feeding sessions, snuggling and diaper changes.

Our session is indoors. How do I prepare the house?

Sometimes getting ready for a photo session can be stressful. I get it! I want to make our time as stress-free as possible. During our consult call we will chat about how to get your home “session ready.” I usually ask that you tidy up 2-3 rooms for an indoor shoot (this is most commonly the master bedroom, living room, and a child(ren)’s room). I recommend tidying up— but you don’t need to do a deep clean and it doesn’t need to be sparkling! Feel free to just shove all the extra stuff into the closet or another room. It’s up to you! I’ve seen (and done) it all. Unless you want to do a documentary session (a true representation of the day-to-day), some things to consider for tidying your home: hide all the extra stuff on the nightstands or side tables (think tissue boxes, lotion, baby bum cream, jewelry, extra water glasses, reading glasses…), throw a clean bedspread on the master bed, fold blankets, etc.

Feel free to leave out the things that represent the heart and soul of your family at this moment in time: favorite children’s loveys, toys, books, blankets, etc.

Bedroom Tip: For in-home sessions (especially newborn), I often shoot in the master bedroom on the bed. Choose either a bedspread or duvet that compliments your outfits (but doesn’t distract) or a neutral color.

We can discuss all of this during our consult call.

What if my child is uncooperative or one of our pets is jumping all over the place?

I’m glad you asked! This happens to some degree at nearly every session. I’m a parent so I get it: children will be children and pets will be pets. It’s real life. While I will aim to take family shots with everyone smiling and loving on each other, sometimes it requires a bit more patience. It also means that I will capture the other real shots. This may be your child in a sobbing heap on the floor or in your arms while you pat their back to reassure them. We may have to throw the ball around for the dogs or bribe them with treats. I have strategies for these moments and they work. We will take breaks for snacks, to run around, or change our locations to re-focus the energy of children, pets and grownups. All of this is 100% okay! My goal is capture real moments of connection and real moments in life. I anticipate these scenarios and we will adjust as we go.

What happens if one of us is sick on the day of the shoot and/or the weather is not cooperating with our collective vision?

If any family members are sick, we will reschedule. If I am sick, I will reschedule. The important thing is that everyone is happy and healthy. If the weather does not cooperate for an outdoor shoot, we will reschedule. Mountain weather is capricious. Typically, I schedule backup dates in advance for this very reason. Having said that, mountain weather can also be windy and gloomy one moment and sunny and calm the next. We will make an informed decision together. Usually it simply requires creative thinking and a flexible attitude.

When will I receive the online gallery of photos?

Depending on the time of year and my workload (summer/fall is most busy), you will receive your gallery within 4-6 weeks. Once you receive your gallery of images, you will then decide which collection you’d like to purchase. I will walk you through this process.

Do you retouch photos?

I carefully and lovingly edit each photo you receive to bring out the best in color and tone. I will likely remove a blemish here and there. If you would like additional re-touching such as teeth whitening, object removal, etc. I offer this at an additional hourly rate. All photos on my site are a representation of my standard of editing.

Do you travel for work?

Yes! I work mostly in Teton Valley, Idaho + Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I also have regular (and new!) clients in the Pacific Northwest and Montana. I am available to travel worldwide.

Do you offer birth photography?

Yes! I photograph a limited number of births per year. Contact me for more info!

Do you offer mini sessions?

Due to my current workload, I do not offer mini sessions. However, this may happen in the future! Follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to subscribe to my newsletter. I send updates, news + special promotions seasonally.

Do you shoot weddings, elopements or engagement sessions?

I book a limited number of wedding, elopements and engagements a year. Contact me for more info and availability!

What is the ONE thing you want me to remember?

All you need to do is be present and love on your family. We will keep our time light and easy.