Client Testimonials 

I like Lara. She takes photos. She comes again tomorrow.
— Luka Lee, age 2
We had the privilege of working with Lara last summer. With two young, squirmy, silly daughters, ages 5 and 11 months, it is hard to feel like a relaxed, effortless, casually happy photo is possible, but Lara captured beautiful moments. In conversation, she was attentive to our family’s goals and during the session she was sensitive to our needs. She worked with the outdoor space, taking advantage of lighting and backdrop, providing variety for us to choose from later, while also keeping in mind how changing scenery could affect our girls’ cooperation. We were impressed with how quickly she worked (a bonus with young children), yet how intimate and comfortable the overall experience felt; we never felt rushed. A great balance. When we saw the finished photos we were so incredibly happy: the expression and emotion she captured is evident in the photographs. We are not a family who typically sits for photos, but this experience with Lara really opened us up to doing so again in the future, with her.
— Jaclyn + David
Lara has such a lovely, natural presence that being at our home with her camera did not interrupt our family’s daily rhythm and she was really able to capture us in our environment. She was wonderful with our children and caught them on camera doing the things that I want to remember for the rest of our lives. Lara was also exceptional working with adults. My husband and I have never had family portraits taken and were not sure what to expect. She put us in situations where we felt very comfortable and at home. Thank you Lara!
— Shelley + Casey
As a photographer, Lara is able to blend her warmth and attunement to others with a keen, artistic eye. She did a series of photographs for my family shortly after our first child was born, and gave us both the right amount of direction and support while allowing for the experience to feel organic, non-contrived, and authentic.

As a fellow parent, Lara’s intuition and ability to capture unique human moments left my wife and I with a series of truly beautiful photos, ones we still often look at shortly after we just put our little guy down for bed.
— John + Mizuho
As our pregnancy progressed, it dawned on us that we had not captured the happiness that we had already cultivated in our family of three: my husband, myself, and our beloved dog, Elliott. The love that we felt for each other was important to us to remember and cherish. In an afternoon of chatting, laughing, and walking around our home, Lara managed to fit easily into conversation and take many beautiful photographs in the process! The love that we hoped to capture was so transparent and genuine in the photographs that Lara took. We are forever grateful and appreciate of the experience we had with the Lara and the lasting memories that she has helped us create. We look forward to working with Lara again when our baby girl comes into this world! And in the future as our family ages!
— Erin + Andy
Lara did an incredible job wrangling our two boys and directing them in a way that was thoughtful and flexible. Her eye for finding the natural moments of real life and capturing that sweetness on camera is absolute magic. Lara has an incredible attention to detail that comes through in all of her photography. The photos from our session with Lara will be treasured forever.
— Phoebe + Jonathan
Lara has a knack for capturing the moments that make life joyful. Her photographs transport me right back to those tender times. Her eye for the small details, for the light, and for making everyone feel at ease result in real artwork. I feel so fortunate to have had her capture my first few months of motherhood.
— Linsey + Nikolai
We had the pleasure of welcoming Lara into our home for a family session to capture the little moments with our son that are flying by much too quickly. She blended seamlessly into our family routine as we snuggled on the couch, read our favorite book, and held our little one close. She captured the precious memories I don’t want to forget and the most tiny details of our day to day life that make being a family such a beautiful journey.
— Martha + Alex
Our family was honored to have time with Lara when our son was a mere month old. She took a fun visit with friends and family and captured tender memories that are so hard for us to remember at this point. Our time was a mix of fun and photography, to help the family get comfortable behind the lens. Lara demonstrated skill with managing a low-light situation, after helping us deal with an unexpected newborn situation on her beautiful sheets! In spite of the excitement, she was able to capture our bundle and graciously continue making the most of our time together. We are so grateful for the images from that session.
— Tania + Chan